Jump.Trade – A New Step on the Ladder to the Metaverse Gaming Concept

If you have been keeping a close eye on the recent blockchain gaming news, you might have noticed a piece of rather quirky information that a cricket-based P2E NFT game will be launching soon. Also, the report continues that the game’s first-ever NFT drop event would occur as the first move toward the bigger picture of integrating more sports-based games into the NFT space. In this blog, we will see what to expect from the NFT drop and how to get started to be part of the NFT gala.

What Have We Been Talking About?

We have been talking about the Super Loot NFT drop event, the first step towards the world’s first NFT cricket game. The Super Loot NFT drop would be happening on April 22, 2022, the busiest month ever in the cricketing calendar with multiple premier cricket tournaments happening across the globe. The drop has a live countdown running on the website “Jump.trade” – NFT marketplace, which is where the event will be happening. All the products mentioned above are developed by GuardianLink, the technical partner that also doubles as an NFT no-code launchpad for developers and artists in the NFT marketplace. The press announcement on the NFT cricket game stated that the digital tokens from the NFT drop would be beneficial to cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts – by which we can deduce that these tokens could have more utilities attached to them.

Jump.Trade – A New Step on the Ladder to the Metaverse Gaming Concept

Super Loot – What to Expect?

The Super Loot NFT drop, which will be held on April 22, is promising. There have been mentions on what types of NFTs would be launched with some impressive imagery insights providing the viewer with a great sense of excitement. Additional details such as the combinations of NFT collectibles that could be available for the buyer during the Super Loot NFT drop and the price ranges of the NFT collectibles can be seen too. Along with all these, one can see the live countdown running on the Jump.trade NFT marketplace’s website, which further ignites the minds of the viewers. One can easily become a member on the wishlist by providing their email address to know more about the game. It is also speculated that exclusive details have been given out occasionally to members.

Super Loot – How to Get Started?

Before participating in the Super Loot NFT drop event as a buyer, you must be creating an account on the Jump.trade NFT marketplace. The process is easy enough, and no explanations are required. You need to create your account in the usual way and fill up your crypto wallet given on the platform with Tetherr/USDT, a stable coin pegged to the US Dollar. A lot more can be known in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section found at the bottom of the “Jump.trade” NFT marketplace. The section gives more information on the cryptocurrency used for transactions in the marketplace platform and how to navigate around the “Jump.trade” platform. 

Excitement Around the Super Loot NFT Drop Event

As we can see, the excitement surrounding the Super Loot NFT drop event is humongous. This can be witnessed by the number of posts found on various social media platforms that convey the information about the NFT drop event of the world’s first NFT cricket game in hilarious and informative ways. The engagement around such posts with likes and comments suggests that the Super Loot NFT drop event has already amassed a huge following. The hashtags #jumptrade and #nftcricketgame have been in the trending charts across all social media platforms as the countdown for the NFT drop event nears zero. The availability of only a little information around the NFT drop event has also added up the number of guesses and conjectures which can be observed across different community-based social platforms and online discussion forums. 

Concluding Thoughts

As we have seen all along with this blog, the budding excitement for the world’s first NFT-based cricket game lights up the stage for its first-ever NFT drop event. Also, the option of earning on the go, where the players’ time is monetized, makes the NFT drop event something to be not missed. Also, the promise of providing some sort of benefits to various spectra of people, including cricket fans, gaming enthusiasts, and NFT collectors, multiplies the significance that the drop holds. Therefore, we can conclude that the Super Loot NFT drop event contains a wide array of expectations and new avenues for the future of blockchain gaming and cricket. 

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