How Mint NFTs with One Click

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Non-Fungible Tokens have become very popular through the years. With the NFTs, you can quickly gain irreplaceable ownership of digital assets such as music, art, and many others. Today, artists earn millions from their work, like designs and collectibles. Therefore, it’s only accurate to mention that the NFT train will only keep getting huge. Would you like to learn how to mint NFTs? Check out the tips below.

A Step-by-step Guide to Mint NFTs

The process of minting NTFs varies from market to market. But the steps we have shared below can work on almost all platforms, so you’ll find them helpful. The only difference among platforms is the fees they charge those who would like to mine NFTs.

●     Create a Crypto Exchange Account

If you currently don’t have an account, you should start creating one. This should be a crypto exchange account. You should understand that most NTF marketplaces are based on the Ethereum platform. Thus, once you have a wallet, you need to have Ether in your account. You will use that to clear your one-time fee before you can start minting your NTFs. You can easily liquidate the crypto provided you need to convert it into traditional FIAT by using the crypto exchange.

●     Have a Crypto Wallet

Those planning to buy and or sell NFTs can’t do so unless they have crypto wallets. This is a stringent requirement on all NFT platforms. At the time, OpenSea is one of the most popular crypto wallets, so you should consider having one. One of them is known as metamask and is relatively easy to set up. For instance, you can just download your wallet plugin from metamask’s official website. Once you have the wallet, you have the alternative of purchasing Ether from it. But you need to understand that it has a higher commission fee compared to other exchanges.

●     Send Ether to Your Wallet from Exchange

At this stage, you ought to have your account and digital wallet for exchange. The next step is to transfer Ether from your exchange to the wallet. The good thing is that all exchanges give you the option of transferring crypto to your wallet using a public address. Try to open your wallet plugin from your browser, and you’ll see your public address.

●     Sign Up On the Platform

After you have had your wallet set up, you should head to the platform’s website of your choice and select the open profile option. From there, you’ll have an option to link the wallet to the NFT minting platform of your choice. Once your wallet is connected, you’ll see that you have an unnamed profile. From there, key in your email address and the username; once you are done with the verification process, you’ll be ready to start minting the NFTs.

●     Minting the NTF

Now that you’re ready to start minting the NFTs, you want to start by finding the create button. You will then be taken to a different page where you’re required to upload your NFT. However, you want to ensure that you only mint an NFT in a format allowed on the marketplace you currently use. Once you’ve named and uploaded your NFT, head to the create option. By doing that, your NFT will be available on the marketplace; however, you must list it for selling.

●     Selling the NFT

Check your page, and you’ll see an option letting you sell your NFT, so click on it. You’ll then be taken to a different page that lets you auction your NFT. Also, on the different pages, you can choose to sell the NFT for a fixed price. Suppose you choose to work with the fixed price, pick a price you would like to sell the NFT. To finish the process, you should complete the listing.

Note that before the marketplace lets you sell your NFT, you must initialize your wallet. Next, you need to confirm the set selling price via the wallet. Up to this stage, you shall have minted your first NFT.

Closing Thoughts

We believe this piece highlights everything you need to know about how to mint NFTs with one click. Remember, you only need one account and one wallet with a given marketplace. Share your accurate email address and complete the verification process to start minting.

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