Coin360, what is it? 5 best cryptocurrencies and their common functions.


The coin360, cryptocurrency and crypto exchange live data collector or aggregator has indispensable features and tools for staying on top of even the slightest cryptocurrency market movement.

Features of coin360

Features of coin360

Crypto Heat map:

Heat maps are ways to assess where liquidity exists in the market and how liquidity providers are behaving. They enable you to determine where the actual market traders are made. It also visualizes the market and shows price changes and relative asset size. These crypto heat maps also check the overview of the market on one page.

Crypto Volume:

Volume refers to the number of actual or exact trades that have taken place. An extremely important indicator volume is for traders to indicate their coming beneficial cryptocurrencies. Additionally, liquidity is related to volume. At any single price, liquidity is the amount available for trading. There is simply more liquidity in the market when there is a greater volume of cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency volume can be used by a technique OBV simply; if the closing prices of cryptocurrency are higher than the last one, then add the new present volume into the old one of yesterday. Usually, volume can be high as well as low.

  • High Volume:
    A high volume of cryptocurrency trading can lead to a price increase. If the volume is high, then automatically, its prices increase.
  • Low Volume:

     A low volume of cryptocurrency trading can lead to a price fall or decrease. If the volume
     is low, then spontaneously, its prices tend to fall or decrease.       

Crypto Widgets:

Crypto widgets provide a block for displaying the prices of cryptocurrencies. For the interval specified on the configuration form, this module uses Coinbase API to retrieve the price. There are many best crypto widgets that are very beneficial for you to use as a beginner and also as a successful trader, and one of them is:
Simple Bitcoin Widgets: It consists of an array of useful widgets, such as:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Price chart widget
  • Simple price widget

Crypto Watch lists:

The watch list feature on the website allows users to create or make their own list of cryptocurrencies to follow. In simple wording, several pages selected by a user are referred to as a watch list. Make your own watch list because watch lists are very important for trade and also necessary. If you don’t have a watch list, then you cannot be updated by the present or current trade. Watch lists are important in this way that you can easily keep an eye on the best opportunities and trading. Without it, you will miss them all. In your watch list, you can store your stocks, money, and more things. You can easily create more than ten watch lists.

Crypto liquidity:

Crypto liquidity is the ability through which coins can be easily converted into another currency or cash. A cryptocurrency can be traded just as easily as other tradable assets, including liquid assets. The conversion of coins into cash or into any other cryptocurrencies is considered a measure of cryptocurrency liquidity. In illiquid markets, where traders are pushed into positions that are difficult to operate, while on the other hand, liquid markets are more smooth and deep as compared to the illiquid ones. Crypto liquidity includes:

Liquidity Ratio:

It is a financial metric that you can use to determine whether a company has enough cash on hand to pay its debts. It can be easily known with the help of liquidity ratio that the industry or company’s current assets are ample to manage its responsibilities. Lenders use accounting liquidity ratios when deciding whether or not to extend the credit of the company. Owners of businesses should be familiar with their company’s liquidity, but it is crucial to understand what it truly means.

Different Types of Liquidity Ratio Formulas:

Quick Ratio: In a quick ratio, whether it is possible to pay off your liabilities with cash-generating assets that can be converted quickly in 90 day period. In this way, the quick ratio serves as an excellent indicator of liquidity in the short term. Another interesting point of the quick ratio is that it is known as the acid-test ratio also, in many other places. Use this Quick ratio formula: [(Receivable accounts + Equivalent cash and cash + Securities that can be traded)/Current Responsibilities].                                 

Cash Ratio: The cash ratio is the company’s ability to pay the current responsibilities with cash and cash equivalents. As a result, there should be no other assets in your calculation, such as receivable accounts, inventory, or expenses that are prepaid. You can use this given formula to calculate your cash ratio: (short-term investments + cash equivalents and cash / current liabilities).

Current Ratio: For determining business ratios, simply divide the current responsibilities with current assets. As this is a current asset-based strategy, it requires you to include illiquid assets, such as real estate that may be difficult to convert into cash. You may use this given formula to find your current ratio: (current responsibilities / current assets).

Liquidity Pools:

The liquidity pool is a collection of tokens stored within a smart contract, liquidity pool is a program that established an agreement between sellers and buyers. For trading cryptocurrencies, traders use a liquidity pool.

  • Work of liquidity pool: By applying the AMM liquidity pools, DEX serves as its backbone. Investments in the AMM are comprised of crypto coins and stable coins. You can easily exchange one stabel coin with other coins.
  • Impact of Liquidity pool on tokens: Trade prices and volumes are directly related to liquidity pools, so they impact both token prices and trade volumes. The trading volume and volatility of tokens with higher liquidity will be lower, while the volatility of tokens with low or no liquidity will be higher.
  • Liquidity pools use: There are many interesting and admiring uses of liquidity pools. These given
    uses are as follows, which may be very useful:

Liquidity pools can be used for yield farming. Then there is governance, in which traders can purchase tokens within the pool. Additionally, there are a number of companies that use liquidity pools to secure funding, where they use them to raise money.               

Crypto Global Charts: The cryptocurrency charts display data such as historical places, volumes, and time intervals. By looking at the charts, one can spot investment opportunities based on past prices.

Best cryptocurrencies and their common functions:

So you’re new to the world of digital assets? Don’t worry; we’ll guide you properly. If you are thinking about crypto, the first thing you should know is about bitcoin. Bitcoin, this coin boasts a trillion-dollar market capitalization, and this coin is backed by twenty-two companies.

Here is a list of five cryptocurrencies in which fifteen altcoins are embedded, which may be helpful for you and also become easy for you to choose one of them from our list. You can easily choose which altcoin to choose from our list of five cryptocurrencies and also able to know about their functions in the world of digital assets:


The most commonly known use of crypto coins is currency. If you want to buy a product, you can use digital currencies.

Stable coins:

Stable coins are assets backed by either reserve currencies or fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies, commodities, and tether USD coins and dies are all backed by the United States dollar.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance):

Applications that utilize public blockchains and crypto assets to disrupt traditional finance sectors are referred to as umbrellas which are simply Defi. Defy applications when used by cryptocurrencies are called unison. Using a decentralized Oracle’s network and ave, this decentralized exchange will trade Ethereum based tokens.

Proof of Stake:

Regulation of transactions between users, ensuring they are verified and added to the public ledger, is simply a mechanism of proof stake. Ether or proof of stake is used by cryptocurrencies for decentralized applications.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens):

With unique data, NFTs are also digital assets that are backed and stored by blockchains technology. NFTs cannot be duplicated and are verifiable. Chilli’s a sports industry and theta network; a video streaming blockchain also makes use of the token.


Basic information on Coin30 and five cryptocurrencies are described, which will be beneficial for you if you are a beginner in the digital asset or trade market from this basic info on the crypto world can surely help you make a successful trader. Coin360 features and general knowledge of cryptocurrencies are very necessary to keep in mind because these may be helpful in the future.

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Who is the largest bitcoin holder?

Nakamoto, who may be a group or an individual, is the largest bitcoin holder who owns more than 1,000,000, BTC.

Do you know what crypto aggregators are?

A cryptocurrency aggregator is a software system that aggregates cryptocurrency trading data from the largest exchanges.