What is the use of Crypto Scanner? All you need to know

In order to know about the usage of crypto scanners, we should know about cryptocurrency first. All the information you should know about crypto is provided in this article. Keep reading!


It is a form of digital currency in which transaction records and verification are handled by cryptographic techniques instead of centralized authorities. In simple words, we can say that it is a type of money in the form of digital files, not in the form of cash. It is monitored by cryptography and a network which is called as “Blockchain.” This network plays many other roles other than monitoring: buying, selling, and transferring digital money.

Types of Crypto Currency:

There are many different types and names of cryptocurrencies. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • Monero


It is a field of study where we learn how to write and secure essential data in the form of codes so an ordinary person cannot read or disclose it. It is also termed Cryptology. Only specific servers can read or solve these codes. In this way, our digital money is secured, unlike cash.

Example of cryptography:

The basic cryptography technique converts the letters into different characters, whether they be numbers or symbols. Sometimes, they can be alphabets too, but not in the manner they were before.

Types of cryptography:

Cryptography is divided into three different types:

  • Secret Key Cryptography
  • Public Key Cryptography
  • Hash Functions

Now, we will talk about each of them individually:

Secret Key Cryptography:

It is also called symmetric cryptography because a single piece of the key is used to decrypt as well as encrypt the messages. Both parties which are involved in a single transaction must have the same key in order to work the system. If one of them does not have the key, the transaction will be unsuccessful.

Public Key Cryptography:

It is also called asymmetric cryptography because it contains two different types of keys. These are a public key and a private key. Both are needed to prove the identity of the user and to encrypt their data. Each public key is published and but the private key is kept secret.

Hash Functions:

These are very helpful in data integrity and are also used in combination with digital signatures. With a good hash function, even the slightest change in a message will produce a completely different hash.


Bitcoin is the most popular and expensive one of all. Everyone is familiar with its name, but not everyone can afford it. Its value changes continuously. Rather all the digital currencies work in the same manner. Their values can go up any minute and down any second. It stays at the same value for a relatively short period of time.

As updated by today, the value of bitcoin in Pakistani rupees is:


As we can see that this is a huge amount of money, and it is for a single coin. Not everyone in Pakistan can afford to buy it. So there are other options too which are comparatively less expensive.

Crypto for Beginners:

There are many sites available on the internet which give free demonstrations on how to start online trading through cryptocurrency. The positive side is that they are free of cost if you simply just want the demonstration and will start trading on a renowned platform. But if you want to learn how to trade by practical examples by these sites, then you have to pay a small amount of money which is easily affordable.

These sites, on average, cost a person $10 dollars at the start, and trading in each step is of minimum $1 dollar. See, it is very convenient for almost everyone who wants to learn to trade on the digital marketing platform through cryptocurrency.

As we have learned before that the value of cryptocurrency keeps on changing, and we sometimes cannot comprehend its changes. We cannot decide that we should wait or sell our coins right away before their value decreases even more. So, in order to overcome this problem, the internet has provided us with a tool called Crypto Scanner.

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Crypto Scanner

It is a tool used by traders which is helpful in tracking the rate of change in the value of currencies. It notices the pattern of change and senses the future move. In this way, it warns the owner about many things, including which coins to buy, which to sell, and which should be kept on hold for the movement.

As mentioned earlier that the rates may vary every second, so it is not practically possible for a human being to keep track of it. So, we should invest in a good crypto scanner if we are serious about our trading. There are free tools too, but they are not as efficient as paid ones. So, the best suggestion is that if you earn enough that you can buy the paid tool, then go for it. It is an extremely good investment for you.

Best crypto scanners:

There are different crypto scanners for various purposes. The names are listed below, along with their functions:

  • The best crypto scanner for Charting Tools is TradingView
  • The best crypto scanner for Extra Features is Crypto.com
  • The best crypto scanner for Simplicity is Already
  • The best crypto scanner for Experienced Traders is Cryptolume
  • The best crypto scanner for Multiple Scanning Capabilities is CryptoView
  • The best crypto scanner for Filtering is Crypto Alerts
  • The best crypto scanner for Analytics is Token Metrics


  • Which cryptocurrency is best to invest in?

Well, it depends on your income, but Dogecoin is convenient.

  • How do I start digital marketing?

You will need a wallet. It is an online wallet to keep your digital money.

  • Which one will be the next big crypto?

In 2022, there are bright chances for PancakeSwap to rule.

  • Can cryptocurrency be converted into cash?

Yes, it is possible with the help of a broker or through an exchange.


It is a fast and safe method to earn money, but you need money, skills, and time. It is challenging to manage. But, it is all worth it in the end.