What is a cryptocurrency master key, and where can we get one?

A brief introduction to cryptocurrency master keys

A US-based investment expert named Louis Navellier is the creator of the Cryptocurrency Master Key. He is the chairman and founder of Navellier and Associates’ investment firm, based in Reno, Nevada. Besides writing the Master Key e-book, Navellier edits four newsletters devoted to various investing topics for subscribers. To obtain Master Key, individuals need to subscribe to Blue Chip Growth, one of these newsletters.

Who is Navellier?

Navellier has appeared on TV shows such as CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News and being a famous financial expert. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Business Administration from Cal State Hayward from 1979, where he worked on a research project that replicated the S&P 500 performance. This project served as an essential part of Navellier’s preparation for his success in the future.

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Navellier and Associates oversee some $2.5 billion assets, which is an imposing record both personally and professionally. In terms of long-term performance, his investment picks have historically outperformed the stock market by three-to-one, and it would be hard to find many people disagreeing with that. The operation of fulfilling orders, sending out emails, and sending out weekly newsletters is handled by Navellier’s long-time business partner, Investor Place. A blog and articles for investors are also available on Investor Place.

Master Key’s Cryptocurrency Is a Great Opportunity

Through Master Key, you will have the chance to get a “massive” possible payout, according to Navellier’s own research and analysis, which he claims will come from insider information. The inclusion of so many bonus products at such a low price provides a lot of value. Although this package may seem like it will help you learn all about crypto investing, Master Key is being used more as a marketing tool for Blue Chip Growth than anything else. Navellier’s focus is on stocks and bonds, not a digital currency, and it’s doubtful that following any of his guidelines will result in you directly investing in a specific crypto asset.

The Different Types of Cryptocurrency

In the future, cryptocurrency may enable smart contracts, agreements that are enforced by code rather than court orders. Currently, cryptocurrency is used primarily for the purchase of goods and services. These two topics will be discussed here. There won’t be a single digital currency that is supreme. Instead, there is a growing crypto pluralism. While Bitcoin and Ethereum occupy most of the market, many other technologies are emerging and gaining prominence. More than 1,000 cryptocurrencies are in existence (known as “altcoins”); over 600 of them have market capitalizations of more than $100,000.


Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency; it was released in 2009 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Payment via Bitcoin is still simple despite its complicated technology. The buyer and seller use mobile wallets to send and receive payments. A growing number of merchants are accepting Bitcoins, including such companies as Microsoft, Expedia, and Subway.

Ether and Ethereum

A growing number of cryptocurrencies are based on the Ethereum blockchain. The company had a market capitalization of $28 billion as of August 2017. Ether’s market capitalization is rumored to have surpassed Bitcoin’s at one point in time (the flipping). Since then, however, Ethereum technology issues have caused its value to decline. Volatility has been a problem for Ethereum. A few days after Bitcoin went from close to $1,400 to under $1,000, ethereum also dropped from close to $1,400 to under $1,000.

Buying Master Key Cryptocurrency

Private keys and public keys cryptography are at the heart of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. Private and public keys make up a cryptographic system. Public keys provide proof of identification, and private keys handle authentication and decryption.

History of Public Key Cryptography and Cryptocurrency


A mathematical foundation for information and computer security was created in 1970 with the invention of public-key cryptography. Private and public keys are created using the concept of public-key cryptography, or PKC, in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These keys are the only way to access and control bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Public keys are needed to receive Bitcoins, but private keys are necessary to spend Bitcoins. The two keys are mathematically related. By using a private key, data can be signed. Validation can be performed by comparing the signature to the public key without disclosing the private key.  

A crypto owner presents both a digital signature and a public key when spending Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Every person in the cryptocurrency network can verify and affirm that the transaction is valid when a public key and signature are provided. In this way, the other party will know that the Bitcoins were possessed by the person sending them. Generating private keys and public keys is not the same as learning how to buy master keys. A vital tool for securing information is cryptography. In addition to protecting data, they provide four essential services, including confidentiality, authentication, and securing messages against forgery or spoofing.

The properties of public-key encryption schemes

The properties of public-key encryption schemes are listed below;

  • Decryption and encryption are conducted using different keys. Encryption isn’t done using one key and decryption using the other.
  • Every receiver should present public keys. By proving ownership to the other party before transmission, you confirm ownership.
  • Complexity is inherent in every encryption algorithm. This prevents attacks on assuming the plaintext or public keys are cipher texts.
  • Even though the presentation of your public key ensures that you own them, a third party should also be involved in verifying that you own them or that a particular key belongs to you.
  • Although public and private keys correlate, they can’t be derived from each other.

Review of the Cryptocurrency Master Key

We have mixed feelings about the offer that Navellier is making. Navellier has proven financial expertise on the one hand. He picks stocks that have performed well over the long haul, and his training, education, and expertise are beyond question. But, on the other hand, Navellier is very knowledgeable about traditional investments, so any advice he gives in this regard is likely to bear fruit over time.

The cryptocurrency market is another area where we aren’t as confident. As evidence of this, he is currently marketing Blue Chip Growth with an e-book about Ethereum that, in his view, doesn’t require direct investments in cryptocurrency. Instead, he describes Master Key as a traditional stock that, in some way, is directly related to the overall cryptocurrency industry but appears to be insulated from the market volatility of crypto assets.