Blockchain Games: What Do You Need To Know

For some people, the world is a boring place without computer games. As society gets more advanced, computer games have constantly evolved toward a more digital environment. And the most recent invention is Blockchain games.

Blockchain games have existed since 2017 but needed four years to obtain popularity. Blockchain games received massive recognition in 2021 after getting attention from gamers, developers, and companies.

Like other online games, blockchain games also allow players to monetize their gameplay and get income from it. Players can buy, sell, or trade using cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They can cash out their crypto assets anytime they want.

If you’re interested in playing blockchain games, it’s better to know the game environment first. So, we’ve compiled anything you need to know about Blockchain games, including some tips! Keep scrolling to discover!

What is a Blockchain Game?

A blockchain game is a game that uses the elements and systems of crypto-based blockchain. 

Blockchain games let players perform transactions using their digital assets, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs, during the game.

They can buy features and weapons, build and sell characters, or trade them among players. 

Players can also join competitions and tournaments that provide prizes, which are mainly in the form of digital assets.

The more they master the game, the bigger the chance for players to gather digital assets. They can cash out their investments anytime they want.

How to Play Blockchain Games?

Playing blockchain games is similar to common video games. The only thing that differs is the transaction method. 

Here are some steps on how to play blockchain games.

1. Creating an Account

You can start by creating a gaming account. You will need to submit your name, email, and password.

2. Funding Your Account

You’ll need to transfer some amount of cryptocurrency from your digital wallet. Or you can also buy digital tokens from the game platform.

3. Playing the Games

After funding your gaming account, you can now play the game. There are many options to choose from. 

Before entering competitions or tournaments, you should build gaming skills to maximize your play.

Tips to Play Blockchain Games for Beginners

Knowing some tips before playing would be best to avoid unwanted accidents. We have a list of practical tips to help you master the game and earn money from it.

Play the Free Demo

You can start by playing free demos as often as possible. Free demos are best to build your skill and get a sense of the game.

Playing free demos is a must step before staking real money just to play games. 

Take Your Time Mastering the Game

Always learn from the basics and take your time. Being rashy will always lead you to loss, and you don’t want to make your money go in vain.

Learn from Others

There are many ways of learning games. You can play free demos or play the game regularly.

Or speed up the learning stage by observing how others play. YouTube can be a great learning platform as you can watch live streaming, tutorials, and playthroughs.

Join Competition and Tournaments

Once you think you’ve developed enough skill, you can take a bold step into the real game. Consider joining smaller competitions to check whether your skills are good enough or not.

If you are confident about bigger competitions, then make your way there. Check on the terms and conditions, as well as the prize, before joining a match.

Blockchain Games Recommendations for Beginners

There are massive options for blockchain games in the market. Check some recommendations below for beginner-friendly games.

#1. Axie Infinity

With delightful visuals, Axie Infinity offers fun gameplay. It brings the concept of a digital pet community.

Players can raise and trade cats called “Axis” and breed them. Later, they can sell cat breeds in the Axie NFT marketplace.

#2. Plant vs. Undead

Plant vs. Undead is similar to the video game Plant vs. Zombies, where players need to build defenses using plants.

The interesting part is the plants used as the defense are your assets, so losing them means losing money.

#3. Farmers World

Farmers World gives players the experience of living as a farmer. They can buy lands, plant crops, and harvest plants.

Players can also join a battle with other players to get resources and must protect their land from competitors.


As playing blockchain games can be a source of income, more people show interest in becoming professional gamers. Some even left their stable job to be full-time blockchain game players.

Making your way to become a full-time gamer is always possible. But, make sure to think and prepare well before making a final decision as you put assets at risk.



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