How Much Is The 1979 Dollar Coin Value? What Makes 1979 Dollar Coins So Popular? Detailed Instructions.

The precise value of a dollar coin can be determined instantly through an expert trader. To find out the real value of a dollar coin, whether it was made in 1979 or another year, all you have to do is present it to a knowledgeable trader. Your coin’s age, place of origin, and state, all play a significant role in determining its worth. A dollar coin’s variety and worth can both be determined by an experienced seller. If you have a 1979-dollar coin and are wondering whether it is valuable enough to preserve or not and what a 1979 Dollar Coin Value is. Continue reading this post if you want to learn more.

In the United States, the silver dollar coin was originally launched in 1979. The Susan B. Anthony dollar is another name for this one-dollar coin. The “Mint,” which first began making this silver dollar coin in 1979, is the currency’s inventor.

She now believes that the dollar coin will circulate effectively in the United States.Also, United States Government released dollar coins to lower the price of producing high-quality dollar bills. Due to their widespread availability, these dollar coins are not extremely expensive. Most of them possess higher value.

Coins From 1979: A Marketing Plan

The majority of coin collectors do not collect silver dollars. However, as time goes by, more people get familiar with these dollar coins due to the 4-year production cycle of these coins. Coin collectors can readily get these dollar coins from any of their preferred market vendors. You can find them in the market with ease because they are not too pricey.

How Much Is A 1979 Dollar Coin Value?

The buying price of a dollar coin is the amount you bought for it from any merchant, and the retail price is the amount you received for it when you sold it. The dealer is where you can purchase it. These prices account for retail prices as well as wholesale values for dollar coins from 1979. Your coins’ worth depends on several factors, such as genuine currency qualities and a couple of other things.

Values of 1979 Dollar Coins:

The majority of 1979 silver dollars are only valued at their current price or one 1 dollar. For coins that are practically excellent to the untrained eye, the price ranges from 1 dollar to 2 dollars. The 1979-S and 1979-D will cost you two dollars, while the 1979-P will cost you two dollars and twenty cents. There is a cost of 6.30 dollars for the 1979-S Type 1 Proof. 22 dollars for the 1979-P Wide Rim, and 52 dollars for the 1979-S Type 2 Proof in uncirculated condition.

They weren’t long-lasting because of the coins’ confusion. The coins were created to save money by replacing dollar bills, as was previously described. People, however, refused to accept dollar coins since they were easily mistaken for cents. The coins, which featured the outfit of women suffrage founder Susan B. Anthony, were first issued between 1979 and 1981 and again between 1999 and 2000.

Why Are 1979 Dollar Coins So Popular?

Why Are 1979 Dollar Coins So Popular?

The Susan B. Anthony dollar is the name given to the silver dollar (SBA). It was created in the USA in 1979. As a result, 1979 is the year that they were first made available in America. For this coin series, this is regarded as the most typical year.

Four years after its creation, this currency becomes more well-known and valuable. These coins have the greatest global popularity. The fact that this currency is the first American token in circulation. To represent an actual woman is another factor contributing to the popularity of these coins, which are kept as memorials by many individuals.

1979 Dollar Coins: Differences

The 1979-dollar coins are distinguishable through a number of physical characteristics.

1.     1979 Wide-Rim Dollar Coin

In 1979, the United State government introduced two-coin centers. However, the government produced two different exterior faces as a result of certain mistakes and inconsistencies. The original dollar coin had a circle on it. It covered a lot of ground. The dollar coin’s date was consequently situated quite near its edges.

Only the silver dollar coins that the government issued in Philadelphia used these facing design types. Thus, you can come across some P that is mint stamped. Other coin types, such as those with the D and S mintmarks, do not have this character. You should consider the coin’s origin if you have a 1979-dollar coin. The date is lying excessively close to the edges when it is heavy. Dollar coins of this kind are uncommon and hence precious. The value of circulated coins is only a few dollars. However, a coin that has not been circulated is worth more than one that has.

2.     1979 Dollar Coin With Narrow Rim

A silver dollar coin’s value is different from a coin with a broader rim if the coin’s rim is narrower. You must use the same method described above to find the mintage date for a wide-rim dollar if your 1979-dollar coin has a P manufacturing stamp. The thin rim kind is less valuable if it is not very near to the rim.

3.     Dollar Coin, S Proof Type 1

San Francisco is where coins with the S mint mark were produced. therefore, known as S proof type $1 coins. The S mint mark is on the dollar coin of the S Proof Type 1. It is difficult to see this S mint mark. Because it resembles a blob more than any distinct letter, it is known as a “blob mint mark.” This is due to the fact that in 1979, the mintmarks were manually pressed into active obverse dies. Due to the outdated punch that was being produced at the time, the mark ended up being unsatisfactory. This is a typical dollar coin from 1979 with inadequate production stamps. As a result, its value is low. All you require is to examine the manufacturing sign on your dollar coin if it has difficult to see the manufacturing sign. Check the coin’s markings for purity as well to determine how much finer they seem to you.

4.     Dollar Coin, S Proof Type 2

The dollar coins stopped being produced in 1979. The mintmarks have a fresh impact as though this sort of currency manufacture came to an end. The dollar coin’s S symbol is now clearly visible because of this impact. The only coin with a distinct S mintmark was the S Proof Type 2. Due to the shortage of time, only a small number of these coins have left the coin. This makes them rarer and more expensive than Type 1.

A ball sits above and below the letter S on the new S-type coin, which has a pronounced S. Examine your currency, if necessary. You now possess a precious currency. It is regarded as an expensive and rare 1979-dollar coin. Therefore, it is valued at around 69 dollars at the non-circular buy price and approximately 52 dollars at the non-circular seller price.

5.     Coins Of 1979-D Silver Dollars

Denver is the location of coin production for this particular dollar denomination. They offer the most affordable prices. Over Susan B. Anthony’s shoulder on the left side of the coin, you can see the mintmark. The 1979-D dollar coin is not very valued, similarly to other uncommon currencies. The Small business administration paper currency isn’t particularly well-liked by currency traders, causing the issue.

How Other Factors Influence A Dollar Currency Price?

The quality of the dollar is among the key factor that lowers a dollar’s worth. When a coin appears to be in excellent form, coin enthusiasts typically accumulate vast variations of it. These considerations equally apply to certain other kinds of currencies.

A dollar coin’s commercial value is relatively low if it has been used frequently. If the coin’s worth declines due to being prohibited, you should try to sell it for a few dollars less. You should choose this since it will be better for you. You can also keep it in a secure place and leave it for a few days to see whether its value rises.

An uncirculated dollar coin is worth a lot of money. Any currency enthusiast who desires to acquire this kind of coin can offer you a fair price for a rare, clear S-type coin. An uncirculated dollar coin hasn’t seen much use; therefore, the condition appears to be in good shape.


To find out a 1979-dollar coin value or any other type of coin, all you have to do is take a look at the points mentioned above and keep them in mind while doing so. A coin’s mint mark and its mint condition are among these two criteria. These details significantly affect how much your dollar coins, regardless of their type, are worth.

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What number of stamps did Susan B. Anthony create?

3 distinct mints—the ones in Denver (D), Philadelphia (P), and San Francisco (S)—produced Susan B. Anthony’s coins.

What is the best option for selling your dollar coins?

Your dollar coins can be sold with ease to regional currency sellers, web-based currency vendors, currency exhibitions, Amazon, etc.

What elements influence the dollar coin’s ascent or decline?

The two key elements influencing the dollar worth of any sort of coin are its perfect quality and manufacturing stamp.